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ChromeOS a fail for business

July 5, 2013


So we’ve been testing whether we can use ChromeOS / Chromebooks for our business. Sadly, the answer is basically a no. Having people using a pure internet OS is compelling for me – it really IT overheads, it makes the company’s employees mobile, it just keeps us that bit more agile. It worked great for […]

Running business off ChromeOS – sales are a go

May 16, 2013


The first week of the ChromeOS experiment is underway and my sales guy is hitting the phones and the web apps… The core packages that we’re using are Web based anyway and so are working fine. Here’s how they breakdown: CRM and pipeline management: Pipedrive A great application. Like any CRM system both perfect, but […]

Using ChromeOS for the sales team

May 15, 2013


We’re starting to build up the sales and commercial team at HipSnip and I’m looking closely at how to do this in a replicable and scalable way while keeping costs as low as possible. We want to run the team off cloud software wherever possible. This keeps our own IT support requirements small and makes […]

One reason Facebook defaulted to listing Facebook emails on profiles

September 25, 2012


I’ve just tried to find out the email address of a friend, so I did the obvious thing and checked Facebook. It lists her Facebook email. I don’t think she realises this, as I am 99% sure this is not what she uses for her email. But it did make me realise why Facebook took […]

BCS Talk: Considerations when building a mobile consumer app

September 23, 2012


I was recently lucky enough to be invited along to talk at the British Computer Society’s ‘how to design, build and market a consumer mobile app’. My talk very much focused on the commercial aspects to be considered, and also on the mistakes we made in the early days of HipSnip. It also included some […]