Using ChromeOS for the sales team

Posted on May 15, 2013


We’re starting to build up the sales and commercial team at HipSnip and I’m looking closely at how to do this in a replicable and scalable way while keeping costs as low as possible.

We want to run the team off cloud software wherever possible. This keeps our own IT support requirements small and makes where we work and what we work on far less relevant. So as an experiment we’re trying out the new sales team on Chromebook, and I’ll move off Windows 7 to ChromeOS.

This does a couple of things. It will keep our internal IT support requirements low. It will also ensure we organise our tools well and with everything cloud based we don’t have a data loss risk, or it’s very very small. And it also keeps hardware costs down as a decent Chromebook is only £200.

I’ll write up how the experiment goes in the coming weeks.
The key components which I’ll write up on are:
CRM system
Documents / Office suite
Team management
email and calendaring (we use Google mail anyway)
Proposal writing
Comms: instant chat, web calls and conferencing
Other tools: image editing,  screencast options etc

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