You know where you can stick that idea

Posted on January 7, 2012


Developing a new product inevitably throws up many ideas.

We could add this feature, perhaps it could work with this service, lets plug in this API and store data in this particular way.

Capturing these ideas is vital (c.f. the episode of Mad Men where Paul Kinsey forgets a great idea he had, and everyone else says ‘I hate it when that happens’).


So now anytime one of the team comes up with a new idea I tell them quite plainly – “You know where you can stick that idea”.




It’s working really well for us.

We’ve set up a shared ideas board where anyone can throw down anything that comes into their head.

Then each week we run through them and work out where they sit in prioritisation – we’d better get that done now, let’s review for next month, or let’s park it and revisit in a while.

Trello have done a great job of making a very flexible, generic document type that sits nicely alongside my spreadsheets, word docs and presentations. (And that’s probably why it’s managed to garner the attention it has.)


I’d advise any team that is coming up with a bunch of ideas to give it a go – capture them all, then work out what’s a runner.