The many different applications for HipSnip

Posted on January 7, 2012


It would be strange if I wasn’t excited about my own start-up, but really, I am getting more and more excited as we get closer to launch.


Because I realise there are far more use cases for what we’re doing than I originally thought. This was highlighted by a competition I applied for last week, SWIFT Innotribe, and one we were shortlisted for this week, PepsiCo10.


I put in an application to the SWIFT Innotribe $100k start-up challenge. It’s for financial technology, so I wasn’t going to apply until I thought about what we’re really doing. HipSnip is all about finding the best stuff to buy. And that ‘stuff’ can include credit cards, bank accounts, insurance or any other financial product. So I put the application in, which is always a useful exercise anyway as it makes me revisit our problem / solution pitch. (But to be fair it looks like there are some great specialist financial products entering, like Anil Stocker’s MarketInvoice, so I’m not really expecting to win this one).


Then this week we were delighted to be in the final 40 of the PepsiCo10 competition. The PepsiCo10 competition is looking for 10 new companies active across a range of fields that PepsiCo can work with. It’s a great initiative and the inaugural competition run in the US last year found some great businesses. This is one I think HipSnip is perfect for, and I hope we get through to the final stage and get to pitch to Pepsi directly.


But however we do in these competitions I’m excited because they remind me of how many situations there are where HipSnip will be a useful product, solving a real pain point for consumers, or just being plain fun to use.

(originally posted August 2011 to Posterous)

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